What is an Outdoor Movie Theater ?

An Outdoor Movie Theater is not just an outdoor TV, even in a large picture size. It’s a complete movie theater in a sense that you benefit from very large picture size in which you can see all details even if you place yourself 10 to 20m distance from the screen.

Furthermore, all our giant screens come with surrounding exterior sound system with front speakers and subwoofer integrated below the screen and rear speakers aesthetically placed (hidden in vegetation, fully retractable underground or fixed on a deck).  

LED Wall technology or Projection Display ?

As explained in the “Display Technology” page of this website, the choice between LED WALL Technology or PROJECTION Display for your project is up to you. Either of these two display technologies can be adapted to our screens.

How much does an Eclipse cost ?

It depends on the desired configuration (screen size, display technology, sound system, location of the project…). But to give an idea, most of our current projects are for amounts between 500.000€ (ex VAT) and 850.000€ (ex VAT).

Can I get a bespoke screen size ?

Our screen range is designed to be as close as possible of the 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio. As bespoke outdoor screen manufacturer, we can also examine project faisability for other screen size. But, do not forget that is will be easier to create a bespoke screen size if you choose Projection display because the projector can adjust the picture size. LED Walls are made of 50x50cm modules so they leave less potential to creativity…

How long does it take to be installed ?

Once the project is clearly identified, quoted and accepted, the whole installation (masonry, screen structure, hydraulic and mechanical engineering, AV equipment…) can be done in 10 to 12 weeks. Delivery time may vary, a confirmation of the scheduled delivery time is given for each project.