LED WALL / Projection display


The best display solution if you enjoy watching video content in the day time. The exterior LED panels we use have an exceptional brightness of 5.500 nits, so you can see all the details in the picture even in direct sunlight.

Vivid colors, great contrast ratio and of course no need to think aesthetically where the projector will be installed, LED WALL is the mainly used display solution.

The limit of exterior LED WALL technology is its resolution since the distance between the LEDs (called pitch) is 3.9mm (2.9mm option in the course of 2019). Nevertheless, depending on the ECLIPSE screen size, resolution of an ECLIPSE can be above Full HD.

We have no competitor worldwide offering such resolution and brightness in a giant fully retractable outdoor TV screen.

5500 nits

3.9mm SMD

3840 Hz

 48 Bits (16 bits pr RGB Channel)

Projection Display ?

The best one for you if you favour cinema sessions under the stars or at sunset. The main argument for Projection display is the resolution since we can offer you 4K to 8K Ultra HD exterior projectors.

Ambient light is the main limit to the use of exterior projectors. But, with 25.000 to 37.000 ANSI Lumens brightness, we can now find high end projectors that are able to display pictures even in daylight… but let’s be honest, even with 37.000 lumens, in daytime, you won’t have the same brightness as our LED Wall range would do, from far.

Projection display is the best solution for evening cinema sessions in Ultra High Definition (4K or 8K).

25000 to 37.000 lumens

Full HD / 4K / 8K

5000 / 1 to 20000 / 1

15000 to 20000 hours

Hard to make up your mind ?
we are here to help you definining which DISPLAY SOLUTION is best suited for your project.