Live and share delightful moments under the stars


All Photos of ECLIPSE VP by night presented on this page were taken on site by Photograph Alexandre Van Battel.

In 185″, 273″, 360″ or bespoke size, ECLIPSE VP is your fully retractable screen solution for exclusive movie sessions at sunset or at night.

Thanks to the projection display principle and our know-how to create bespoke screen structure and megalift platform size, you can choose a screen size in 1.77:1 / 1,85:1 / 2,35:1 ratio for example.

VP is mainly dedicated to customers who want 4K (to 8K) resolution even in “small” screen size, and who accept that picture quality will only be at its best at sunset or at night,

Our VP Range is clearly made for movie lovers who want to share precious moments under the stars.

The best projection display solutions on your bespoke outdoor ECLIPSE VP screen

lumens (or more)

horizontal pixels (4K resolution)

:1 contrast ratio (or more)


movie lover

VP Range

Eclipse “VP” stands for “Video Projection”, the french translation of “Projection Display”.

Because we know a part of movie lovers will definitely prefer a projector rather than LED wall solution, we also developped a range of screens dedicated to them.

Eclipse VP is clearly not the best solution in bright daylight, but when it comes to movie sessions in 4K (or 8K) under the stars, it is surely a memorable experience..